Tianxia Academy Fellowship

Empowering people towards creating grand futures

About us

The world faces ever more complex and critical challenges. In an era of global interdependence, peoples, nations, and cultures must come together to rise above their common hurdles. “Tianxia (天下) ” is a Chinese term expressing the idea of a universal civilizational order under which life on Earth may flourish. Inspired by this ancient concept, the Tianxia Academy believes in empowering future leaders to contribute towards an equitable and harmonious future.

What we offer

The Fellowship aims to cultivate leaders dedicated to safeguarding the welfare of future generations. During the program, fellows are expected to gain knowledge about AI safety, global catastrophic biological risks, and risks from great power conflicts, by visiting relevant organizations and engaging with prominent thinkers in the fields. After program completion, the Academy provides a lifelong network for mentorship and collaborations.

We support students and early-career professionals who are:

  • Dedicated to accomplishing global humanitarian outcomes for the long-term future
  • Culturally aware, reflective, and entrepreneurial
  • Fluent in English and at least conversational in Mandarin Chinese

Organizational engagement